My Katie

Last Saturday afternoon, my daughter was visiting her dad in NC and got in a terrible car accident. She was driving, she has her learners permit and got hurt. I live in Virginia and my son was visiting me from NC, he lives there with his dad. We had to drive as fast as we could and got there at 11 pm. She was in X ray and had broken her leg and both arms. THank God she survived and will be healed in time. Today is my 51st birthday and this is the best Gift Ever. Thank you God for my children.
Katie has healed, but has depression. She won't go to church with me...God help me...I only want the best for her.
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Well it is two yeArs later and KAtie is alive but really not living. She stays at home on the computer and sleeps a lot. She has gained weight to over 300 pounds. It breaks my heart.

Katie has healed physically, but not spiritually. She doesn't believe in God. I raised her in the Church, she was confirmed and starting reading the Bible, but now doesn't go to Church with me.<br />
I teach Christian Formation, go to a support group for Mom's affected by Domestic Violence and work as a case manager with people from the projects and people that have Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Fibro, Addiction and I don't know how to let her be.<br />
She weighs over 300 pounds. <br />
Please pray for her.<br />
God Bless <br />