My Number One

My daughter....

You are my oldest
I tried for several years to have you... 
finally my prayers were answered
Over 18 years have passed...
where does the time go?
I have loved you each and everyday....
more then you will ever understand.
You have always been so smart,
yet you made some major mistakes.
I want to keep you from getting hurt.....
but there have been many days where you have stumbled....
I cried so hard...
it hurt to see you fall.
My heart broke into many pieces.
I helped you up....
I'll always love you
I know you need to fall from time to time...
that's how one grows and learns.
No matter how difficult it may seem...
you have within you the power,
the ability, and the knowledge
to make things better.
I know you will do great things....
I see the desire in your eyes.
I love you my daughter...
always and forever....

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12 Responses Aug 2, 2010

awww... thanks Hairy!<br />
I have not shown it to her... but I was thinking maybe I would do that. <br />
Good Idea.. thanks :)

Thank you OWJC<br />
I appreciate you leaving a comment!! <br />
Take Care and God Bless you too!

Thank you!!!<br />

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. This brought tears to my eyes!

Thanks Angels!!!!<br />
Gotta love 'em huh? <br />
Yep... gotta love them through the difficult and challenging times!!<br />
<br />
Hugs to you!!! :)

Ahhhhhhh......I love this......I know exactly how you feel. Beautifully said. It certainly brought tears to my eyes. I can certainly relate. Thanks for sharing. What an AWESOME mom you are and lucky daughter. BIG BEAR HUGS sent your way !!!! *SMILE*

Thank you miele.... I try to be a good mom... not always perfect tho.. but I try. :)

My son is young and challenges me but I know the immense love. Your daughter is lucky to have you for a Mom.

Hey Anto... thank you so much for leaving a comment!! :)

Hello.....I could"nt word it any better because Thats how I feel about by Daughter and much more, Thanks for sharing....Anto815

r8r4.... it wasn't so hard... I think it helped put things in perspective a bit.... helped me think it through some more. She's a good kid overall... in the grand scheme of things I guess this was a minor lesson.. yet played a big impact I think. One she hopefully will carry within her for a very long time... who knows..maybe she will be telling her own kid one day... Hey! Don't be like me! Learn from my mistakes!! <br />
Hugs my friend!!! xo

LoL!! Love happy dances!!! Ya.. go hug your momma!! Thanks! :)