My Daughter Is An Angel..

I love my daughter.she is only 8 years old..But she is cleverer than most children of her age.It is only because of her,i am alive now..when i gave birth to was the happiest moment in my life.I love her so much.she shows so much affection to me..Can you beleive she fondles me and calls all sweet names...i could pass through all hardships just by thinking about her.We are bonded in our happiness and pain.She understands my pain and tears..really blessed i am.i will not loose her for anything in life.                                              

  I know i may not be able to provide her all she needs..especially because her father and i are divorced......i donot know if she has the ability to perceive the situation..i hope i will be able to convince her when she grows...Or will she hate me for  not living with her father?
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Thank you all for your comments and sharing my blessing.

just love her.iknow u do..ur story shows it.<br />

well personnely i think a lot of poeple have experient your feelings for it is aeite normal for a mother to have such worries but it is not something you should worried yourself about , what i mean is you yourself said that she and you are attached you each other and she might misunderstand you feelings of worrieness and care as if you are get disconfort with her presence for kids in such an age feels the presure the parents feel and it could turn agaist them so you need to act freely and just be yourself and surrended her with love and care and interest ,to be with her supporting her and guiding her so that she feels close to you and i am sure that she will grow to care for you and even more important love you and you must expline things that set you apart from her father in a qiete ibderstanding manner once in a while .<br />
best luck to you

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