Spent Time Fishing

Wednesday March 14 th 2012
Today my daughter and I went fishing we both had a wonderful time. We didn't catch any fish but we talked, joked and laughed. The bonding was much better then catching catching a fish. Guess what we have plan for tomorrow? Yes more fishing it's her spring break so what the heck I will in tomorrow and busy going fishing. Daughters are more important I can always find work I know I wont loose my job anyways. So to all the fathers who have daughters out there I challenge you to bond with your special girl (daughter) All The Best
tightasyougo tightasyougo
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 14, 2012

very close to there you siked me out I was wondering who that. No other then my cleaning lady friend!!!!

Good for you Dad. Where did you go fishing? The bay, down by William's?