The Best Part Of Me...

I can honestly say the best decision I've EVER made was to keep my daughter. I was a young mom, fresh out of high school when I got pregnant. I was incredibly afraid but I choose life, I choose to accept responsibilty for my actions. Seeing her beautiful face everyday let's me know I made the right decision. She's getting ready to leave with her father next week for 2 months and I am sick to my core. She's never been away from me that long. She visited him last summer and didn't last 2 weeks. The pain of us being apart was too great. I believe her father loves her but he doesn't share the bond her and I have. I cried everyday she was gone, I slept in her room and smelled her pillow everyday for those 2 weeks. With all that's been happening in my life I need my daughter close to me. Her laugh, her smile, her kind words give me purpose. But I can't be selfish. She wants to go and I want her to enjoy her summer even though every fiber of my being wants to keep her with me. I am dreading her departure, I am nauseated at the thought.
Lauren0526 Lauren0526
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He's already purchased the plane ticket and she's so excited. If it were up to me she would not go at all but the fact of the matter is, he has rights as her father. I just want her to be happy. And no, her father would not understand. He wouldn't pi** on me if I was on fire. He's still very bitter that I left him 10 years ago. Nonetheless, I will ask and see if he can change the dates for the ticket. We shall see...

Oh Lauren, can't you keep her with you? You really need her right now, and to be apart and put extra stress on you, is too much. You said she did not last 2-weeks, last time, so why even go now. You could postpone the trip at least a month, surely your ex and daughter would understand. I would not put yourself through this. It is too much while you are newly bereaved.