Today, I Want Her To Find Her Strength.

My daughter is 19, working and enrolled in college. She's caring, beautiful, smart and a little foolish in some areas, but who cares. . . she's great!
This morning she called to let me know she and her boyfriend of a couple of years broke up. He's been texting other girls and messaging them on Facebook behind her back. She's pissed off and that's how I want her to stay.
Whatever she decides, I realize it 's not my choice or my life, but today she's been let off the leash!
He never physically hurt her, but he was possessive and insecure and obviously he was cocky enough to keep his options open while not letting her options be even ajar.
Today I want her to love her new found freedom. I want her to embrace her inner self and see all that the world has to offer her.
Today I want her to find her inner strength and be okay by herself.

On a brief side note: I grew to care about this boyfriend, while he needs to grow up, he's not a bad kid. Having said that, today I want to break his kneecaps, but I won't.

I love my girl and the amazing young woman that she is becoming. Now that she's free she needs to travel and be young! That's my wish for all of my kids.
rottenrobi rottenrobi
46-50, F
Sep 12, 2012