While Still In The Womb

I do believe that women have a special bond from the moment of conception with a child. I mean, How could you not when you have supplied the very life giving elements from your own supply needed to survive for 9 months. It's a connection no man can quite have in my opinion.
That does not mean that we don't have a connection and I do believe the love can develop before we are able to actually see and touch our offspring.
I remember the very moment I was overcome with a love like no other. A love that cannot be compared to by anything else anywhere EVER. In an instant, would I give my life so she may live hers. The fear of absolutely nothing would stop me from protecting her.
That moment was when the doctor, during a routine appointment, had me put the stethoscope to my ears as he pressed the business end against the belly of my pregnant girlfriend. At first I couldn't quite figure out what that noise was that sounded like a vibration. I asked what that was and he replied, "That's your baby's heart".
"WOW!" i said. it was beating so fast that it didn't sound like it was a heart beat, but it was and it beat her being, life, soul and love right into my body.
I cannot quite explain the transformation I felt but it was most definitely emotional and physical. It was that moment that my life and outlook and ethics and morals and sense of duty and obligations changed forever.
I relive that moment in my head all the time, but I use it most often when things in my life seem dark and disastrous.
I can't say every day was easy in the raising of Mariah, but I have been doing it on my own since she was 3 and I know that I have had it easier than most. It was she that has helped to make it so easy on me and it is my love that gave me the resolve to carry on through the rough times in my life.
Gosh, I love my baby. My baby who recently turned 16. Same as every parent's child, mine is the best kid on earth.
I would do it all over again and change nothing from that moment I was overcome by her love While Still In The Womb
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4 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Very nicely done. This is totally true. The feeling of nurturing that tiny being is so humbling and overwhelming. I'm glad you are able to have your daughter since age 3 and that she has your support and love. That is the best thing we can give our kids.

This is a cuteeee post.

There is a special bond. I know it. My children cling to their mother from the time of birth and they both hated me. It wasn't until much, much, much later that they started liking me... then loving me. But nothing comforts them like the sound of my wife's voice or the feel of her warm skin.

I'm not so sure that we would have the same bond with our children right off the bat. It took a long, long, time. I had to hold my children even if they cried for their mother so that the signal I gave them was...I'm not going anywhere. Still to this day, though I know my children love me, I think the bond between a mother and her children are stronger than the bond between the father and his children. Later in years...that may change. But at the single digit age group...the mother is the queen and king.

You wrote this beautifully...
i don't think i have ever read
a deeper explanation...so intimate
of a father's love
for his baby girl...
thank you
for writing...
ps my oldest is 32 and he is still
always will be
"my baby"
shhhh...don't tell him that...
joyinthejourney, clg