Today is her 16th birthday. She should be happy, but she's spent the better part of the morning crying. It's her love life that has her down. She's broken up with her first real boyfriend for the 3rd time. Hopefully this is the end of that.

He's an ***. He does this whole "just want to be friends " thing whenever he's going to cheat on her and bang some girl. I'd like to smash his face in.

Anyway, my baby won't give it up and I guess he wants it more than her. I'm glad she hasn't caved to his ploys and manipulation games. She's way too good for that loser. To know him for what he is(a kid with no dreams ambition drive or education )and to see her with him has always made me a little frustrated and sad.

While I hate seeing her hurting I know that this is something she needs to go through. She grows and matures. All I can do is love, comfort, support, and advise. Throw in some hugs, a kiss or two, and pray she finally sheds her feelings for the stupid no good crapfaced dickwad.

I told her she needs to try and see that she's not losing anything but rather she's gaining experience and a new beginning. I'm not always good at the whole comforting part of my job. I think I get too factual to seem sympathetic enough for a girl her age. I am trying though. It's just hard for me because I hate that kid.

I love her though. I concentrate on that.

I still want to punch his stupid face off .......


Excuse me, I need to go hug someone again.

She's so pretty! I love my baby ....
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I hope that ex-boyfriend or boyfriend of your daughter's (or whatever he is) reads this!

What he is, is a loser. He's heard it from own mouth. No need for him to read anything.

to me you seem like an AWESOME father

I do my best. Which admittedly falls short some times. Thank you for saying that though. I truly appreciate it.

Yeah well you seem more like a father then mine my father does not really like talking to me about things that I should be able to just go to him for

Sorry to hear that. My daughter and I were always very close. She really is one of my best friends. Not so sure how it happened out that way. It just did. I hope that someday soon you find a way to close the gap there. Though, sometimes, with some people, we just need to realize that they love us in their own way. We can accept it, or reject it, but it still is what it is. I wish you luck and happiness going forward.

Mine's 14. I feel your pain. Your 16 years of rearing and teaching will guide her eventually.
I'm locking mine in her room until she's at least 25.

If my dad was there he would definitely be like this towards like you are towards your 16 year old daughter. Yes, I am 16 also. My dad is always like Kayla don’t worry about boys all they want to do is get your pregnant and then run and say the child isn’t theres. I would love to express my feelings on your story. My dad hasn’t been in my life for 16 years but he is trying his hardest to be though, he is very protective over me not only because im a teenage but im his baby also

Awwww, *hugs hiker too* That is a hard age to get kids thru for you and her. You're a wise dad to feel the way you do tho.....She'll learn..... I hope she feels better today....

just keep giving good advice without putting him down(though you want to). Sometimes all they need from us is a shoulder to cry on. My daughter's first serious boyfriend cheated on her and broke her heart her senior year. At least she was able to enjoy her senior year and have fun. Hopefully your daugter figures out she doesn't need the drama-high school is about having fun and making good memories. It's hard when your kid is hurting :( She will bounce back and hopefully tire of this *******.

I can't imagine what I would do. My daughter is only 2. I'm dreading when she's a teenager. I doubt I'd be able to hold back from telling him if I see him near my daughter ill have to teach him lesson. I know they have to learn on their own. But it's so hard

happy birthday to your sweet 16!! hopefully her day will get better and all will be grand !! I am sure it will because you will find a way to make her smile because that is who you are :):)

<p>Why the sudden "She's so pretty!" at the end? We teenagers are raging with hormones in our bodies. It's a natural occurance, though you should talk to her about that boy (he sounds like a total jackass) or even his parents if things start spiralling out of control. Every parent doesn't respect all of their child's girlfriends/boyfriends. Just talk to her.</p>

Because, she is pretty. His parents are losers too. Sold his Xbox for a bag of grass one day. She just needs to get away from him altogether. All hormones aside.....

Thanks for the comment. I do truly appreciate it

hahaha ... I'm not laughing at your story ... I do sympathise ... but just laughing at the fact that you're just like EVERY other dad that walked the face of the earth ... including my own ... Of course he's not good enough for her ... it's natural you should feel that way ... but as you so rightfully point out ... she will learn ... take comfort from the fact that one day she will learn from her mistakes ... ((hugs))

I know it sounds that way, but it isn't a "No one is good enough for my little girl " thing. This kid is a high-school dropout. No job. Doesn't even look for one. Treats her indifferently. Has a kid already. Doesn't support said kid. Cheats on my daughter with the mother and others.

I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Offered to pay for him to get his GED. He agreed at the time and then made excuses for 6 months. Offered to help find him a job. More excuses. He sleeps until 2 and then plays video games all night until 4am. Smokes pot, drinks, and who knows what types of other **** he's on.

Like I said " He's a loser! " plain and simple.

That's all fair enough Hiker ... but that's not the way she sees it ... unfortunately she is the one who will eventually have to face up to his true character, which will take time so it seems. Good luck with it all.

Thank you