My Beautiful Rae

Hi, I am Rae's mother. I adopted Rae when she was about two years old. She was a blessing from the start. Very talented, smart, joyful, and etc. But last night we got terrible news. She was walking home and stormed in the house crying. If you are a mother then you will know the feelings of seeing your child in tears. All I could do was hold her. And soothe her. Rae cried for an hour or so until she told me what happened. Since the beginning of the school year, Rae have been bullied. They slaps her books out her hand, pull her hair, make fun of her style of clothing, call her jesus freak, stay after school to follow her to the train to make comments to her. At one point one suspect picked Rae up and threaten to throw her in front of the train. But on top of that, Rae brought to my attention of this young man abusing her physically. This had been going on since the beginning of the year and she's coming out with it. I was wondering about the bruising on her and her soreness, but she would simply say "oh its from sports or dance". Rae is a sweet girl. Good grades, well mannered, nice, funny, active in our church and others, a listening ear, a caring person! Why would anyone wants to hurt her, she never did anything bad. Schools now days are not doing anything about bullying in their schools. As a parent thar makes me upset. But I would be here ti protect her. She's a blessing and it kills my heart knowing that's happening to my daughter.
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This happened to me, they said i needed a haircut badly

Awe...I'm sorry.

Losers? I'm the one whose gonna be fighting for their ***** when I go to the Navy.

Rae, you are strong, you know you would do anything in your power to avenge them and blast them off the face of the this Earth. I do too, and congrats on going into the Navy


I was in the Army, Navy, and Air Force

thank xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoox

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