More Than Life Itself

I have a five year old little girl called skye, she is a loving, funny, sarcastic, sweet and happy child who was a blessing from the moment we found out she was to be.
She was born with a rare condition called Williams Syndrome and was very critically ill for over a month. For that month Skye was diagnosed with WS, universal artirial displasia, Cleft pallet, hypertension, Pulminary fibrosis and a flabby neck (Yes, apparently that is a medical condition)
Needless to say it would have been scary for any parent but for a couple, both twenty, we were thrown in at the deep end but I had always wanted to be a dad, to have this little thing that I could call mine to love and spoil and it didn't change.

Skye got better, not 100% but after being told she wouldn't make it, everyday for four weeks, anything was better and now she is five, still has WS but I love her more and more everyday because of it.

I love my daughter and find being a parent, the easiest job in the world because I love her so much.
Nazryl Nazryl
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012