She is 12 almost 13 and acts like she is 8! LOL She is my second and the youngest. She is a complete opposite of her sis. She has the fire inside her. Forging her way to something, not sure what yet? She has many hopes and dreams, most involving a lot of money and expensive things!

She is stubborn and definitely has her own mind. She is harsh and not very emotional. Yet she is very sensitive. She is a tough cookie. Hard to handle at times. But so much fun to watch. She is still finding her place and learning what she is all about.

She is always thinking of her sis and how perfect she is. She doesn't care to be perfect and too bad if we don't like it! She is so funny and outgoing. I can see as she matures she is such a sweet and amazing person herself.

So generous and helpful to others. I often watch her with people and get so happy and impressed she is mine! I am looking forward to her show and can't wait to see what happens next with this one either. She is unpredictable and strong willed. My firecracker!

She is special for so many reasons.
soulrunher soulrunher
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You are such an awesome proud Mom! She sounds beautiful!