What An Amazing Little Girl!!

She is now 9, almost 10.  I became pregnant with her when I was 21, I wasn't ready, and her dad was even less ready, but 2 weeks after my 22nd birthday, I had her, and it was the most amazing experience in the whole world.  I was excited and loved my pregnancy, and knew that it would be an amazing process to birth and finally see her after 9+ months of pregnancy(I was 2 weeks overdue, she was comfy I guess, and weighed in at 9lbs 2oz), but there are no words in my vocabulary sturdy enough to hold up to the feeling of giving birth to your child.  It's simply amazing.  I was in love with her from the start, that bond was just there for us.  She had problems nursing, but I didn't give up.  I finally went to a lactation consultant when she was 10 days old.  I had been pumping and feeding her by a tube taped to my finger for over a week(I refused to use formula, I really wanted to nurse her, and didn't want her to get confused with a bottle), and as if I wasn't tired enough as it was, and getting no help from her dad(who was thankfully, soon to leave the picture) I really needed to find out if I could nurse her or not.  The lady that helped me was incredible, within half an hour she had us going, I am still in awe at that job.  Anyhow, we grew very close in those first few years.  And since I didn't make enough money to afford a place where she would have her own room until she was 1 1/2, we shared a bed until then. 

She has grown into the most amazing child in the world.  She's well mannered, polite, thinks for herself, excels in Ballet and Irish dance, makes straight A's and is just all around a pleasant child to be around.  I would and will do anything for her. 

I am surprising her today when she gets off the bus.  She has an early release day and I'm taking the Stunt Toddler to grandmas house, and going to have her hop in the car from the bus, so I can take her out to lunch.  She deserves a nice lunch out, she's a great student, a wonderful big sister(most of the time, lol) and I know she misses the times when it was just the two of us, so I try to surprise her with little outings and such minus the ST so she can get her 'mom' time in. 

Cheers to my wonderful little girl!! 


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hehe! Sounds like she knows you really well Redlady, I'm sure that's a good thing. That's sweet that she gets EP up and going for you like that. :-)

I wish I could surprise my daughter like that. She's so freaking clever she knows what I'm going to do before I do.....She even puts up EP for me when she knows I'm in a bad way.....She's figured out all my passwords too. LOL Daughters are a dream!

Awww, that's sweet. My daughter is an early riser, so she's often up when I get ready to leave for work Sunday mornings at 6am. She always runs out to hug me. We had a great time at lunch yesterday. When she got off the bus, I had already taken the Stunt Toddler to grandmas. I asked her to change clothes and brush her hair, she looked confused, but did it. Then I asked her where her brother was, even more confused look, she said, "Is he still napping?" I said, "I don't know, go check", she did, sees no brother, then I said "Oooooh, that's right, he's at grandmas so you and I can go to lunch just the two of us". That got a huge smile. We had a wonderful time. :-)

I'll bet she enjoyed her day yesterday PG. I like to do the same thing with my little girl sometimes. She's such a little Momma herself.<br />
Yesterday she woke up a 5 am just to have coffee with me.

Thanks guys!! You're too kind to me, and you've all made me blush, not an easy feat with the brown skin. :-)<br />
<br />
GEB, that sounds like it was an adventure. And I always thought there was little stock in differences between boys and girls, but I tell you what, the Stunt Toddler is called so for a reason!! And I never needed baby gates or door knob covers with my daughter, the ST is almost 3 and these things still need to be in place!! <br />
<br />
WMW, those Halloween avatars of yours just keep getting cuter and cuter, I love 'em. :-)<br />
<br />
Naty, I know exactly how you feel. I remember when I first had my daughter, every step of the way I kept saying "this is my favorite age", it's great all the way, I bet you're a wonderful mother. :-)

Sounds like a Mya jr. You raise the best kids and I give you props for that. I look up to you as a mother. But by the sounds of children girls seem so much easier! I know that by experience with my girls. Their so easy compared to boys. I don't know boys seem like they have 10 times the energy then girls and they don't pay close attention to things. lol! I tried watching a twin brothers once and omg!!! They were so freaking wild, they messed my house up in seconds. Their parents weren't even out of the door yet. I was thinking what the hell did I get myself into tonight. But I watched them for 2 hrs and I guess by the looks of my house by the time the parents came back they knew that they were wild boys. They gave me $200 for 2 hrs that was sweet. They saw my face and knew I was going to knock out once I shut that door. I had to watch them again the next Saturday night but I had their 2 little sisters this time. OMG I thought I was going to scream if it was like last time. But I had the game Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders out and they played them the whole time thank gawd. Girls in boys presents make life easier lol.

That is just wonderful. I know how you feel. My daughter will be 5 months in like 8 days and I love her dearly. She's MY! life.

Thanks Gray and Sappy, she's so much more than anyone could ever expect from a daughter, just a wonderful person all around. :-)

Mya, it's easy to understand why your daughter it's such a lovely child, she takes after her mom. I think it's great you're surprising her, it's a memory that will stay with you both. : )<br />
Thanks for sharing the smile. Have a great day! : )