Wisdom Of A Child

This morning, as I was driving up Rio Bravo to get onto I-25, Naomi (5 years old) said, “I don’t know too many things for sure, but I do know that the sun is coming up for sure because I can see the light shining.” I don’t know, but that just represented faith to me. I told her, "that is true; we don’t know too many things for sure, but we can count on the sun coming up every day."Corny? Maybe. To me, special.

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4 Responses Jan 8, 2010

LOL! That's awesome. I bet that made you happy! three years old is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing that with me. It made me laugh!

I didn't see my three-year-old daughter for a long time then in the social services offices I could see her for an hour and she wanted to be taken to to the toilet. In there, with all these things going on between me and her mother she says, in her precise voice: "I'm wearing PINK knickers today".

It's amazing that despite our worries, our kids always make us smile, even in their selfishness. That's so awesome! LOL! Thanks for sharing that with me. It made me chuckle! I hope things have worked out for you!

In June, 2008, I was laid off from my job after 7 1/2 years. The mgmt. was fiscally irresponsible and running the place into the ground so they were in big financial trouble. The lay-offs began with me. I learned of it the day I walked into work. I was to leave immediately -- the scene wasn't pretty. I was devastated. We're a blended family, so I asked that our kids stay with their other parents that night. I just couldn't face them. (I have migraine headaches.)<br />
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The next day, both kids were in the car as I told them the news. My then 10-year-old asked: Are we going to lose our house and be living on the streets? My heart broke into pieces, and I'm so glad I didn't have a wreck. I remained calm at the wheel and did not cry. I just could not let them see me fall apart. <br />
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Then my dear teenage daughter, age 14 at the time, asked: Will we still get our allowances? I've never loved her more than at that moment. Oh, how I needed that little piece of laughter, ridiculous "only teenage -- it's all about me" life crisis questioning. I did not laugh out loud but rather assured both of them that things would remain the same. <br />
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I will never forget my precious daughter for asking about her allowance after my world had just been torn apart. Her brother's question was honest and worried -- I looked at his face to see if he was serious. I could not believe he even thought that.......but at his age, he did. For my daughter, she just needed to make sure she could buy new earrings, a pack of gum, etc. etc. when she wanted to...............happy days! Kids are great!