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My New Relationship And My Daughter...

I am a single mom, have been for the past 3 1/2 years of my daughters life, she is gonna be 6 years next month. I have always dated but keept it on the downlow, always went out during the night when my daughter was sleeping and always left her in good hands and always showed up by the time she would wake and spend the entire day with her. Untill about 2 ago i meet this wonderfull guy and always keept him a seacret even from my family due to sertin defects his family had and i knew my family would not aprove of. I dident care it was a secret. Our feelings got serious for eachother and started seening more often, started bringing my daughter around him and his nephiews and nices of the same age. everything was good untill she heard us saying "i love you" to eachother and giving eachother a kiss (pg 13). we are constently around eachother now, i include her too, wanting them to get along, ive intruduced him to my family as well, they respect my desision but my daughter hates him.... she dosent want us to kiss (pg 13), no hugging, i cant love him, sometimes she tells me i cant talk to him on the fone, i cant tell him i love him when shes around and this is all getting worse by the day. she still loves to go to his house to play with the kids but always keeps a eye on me and if she catches me off guard hugging him she will make a putty face and sit in a corner with her back twards us and tells me that i dont love her. The worst was once we went fishing with my family and my boyfriend leaned over to hugg me she saw and i diddent know my back was facing her she did the pautty thing then i heard her reapeating in a low voice "im ugly, im ugly". it broke my heart and i told her she wasent, ive tried in many different ways to let her know i will only love her the way i can oonly love her, and even broke up with the poor guy becouse of all of this but then i feel bad for him. i have even gotten her real father and i to talk to her about us and why we cant be toghether but we will always love eachother as friends and love her no matter what. And the wierd thing is that her father has a child by another woman in another country and she knows about it has a picture of the little boy and loves the idea that she dose have a sibling and dosent mind the idea of her father with another woman. i dont know how to make her understand that its o.k to love more than 1 person but the love i have for her is unreplacable.....

confusingdreamer confusingdreamer 26-30, F Feb 2, 2010

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