I love to brag about my daughter, ask anyone who knows me...

My daughter is 18 years old, and drop dead gorgeous.  I know I am supposed to think she is gorgeous, being her Mom and all, but she really is a beautiful girl.  She is tall and thin with blue eyes and light hair.  She does some modeling, and is signed with an agency. 

Here is a prom photo...


The fact that she is a beautiful girl isn't why I am always bragging about her, however.  She has a ton of common sense, and a realism about her that is rare in a girl so young.  She is a senior in high school and has a 4.29 GPA, 6th in her graduating class of around 575.  She maintains this kind of GPA while working part time and belonging to 9 assorted clubs and organizations at school.  She is very social and has a huge circle of friends that love her.  She was just offered a substantial scholarship at a private university, but is still deciding where she will go to college, as she was accepted everywhere she applied.  The sky is the limit for her, and I have always told her she can do anything she wants to do.

She wants to help people. 

I believe she will.

She wants to save the world.

I believe she can.

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Yes it is. The more we enter, the more we are at risk... And yet, we (I especially) have come to rely on the net for so many things. I do my banking, shopping, paying my bills, keeping up with my son's grades, and a good bit of my job is internet related too. I would be lost without it, and ep would be the least of my worries, to be honest.

Yes indeed. I have to wonder if a day will come where everyone is so linked together that there is no longer such a thing as privacy. Given the trend it may be become unavoidable in the future. Kind of a scary thought.

That's good Bassy. Much more within my ep comfort level. :)<br />
<br />
And it's not like I am two separate people or anything, I just have my two separate accounts (as do many of us) and I like it that way. My good friends here are also my friends on fb, but I would not want everyone on fb to have access to all of the info here on ep, and visa versa. My Mom took down her fb account, when they linked with WoW, for the same reasons. It's all about privacy and personal information, and in this day and age we should all be as (or more) cautious on the internet as we are walking around a city.

Looks like they are removing the buttons and making it the publisher of the story as the only one to have the rights to share.<br />
<br />
Like you said...people can cut and paste but I don't believe many will bother.

I understand that people can copy links to stories from day 1. I understood it on day 1. The thing is, someone would have to go through a good bit of trouble to do it. Now, it is just a click of a button at the bottom of the page. I repeat. There are reasons I have two separate accounts, and when I want to add someone to one or the other, I do so. I don't need help, thank you.

Its a big mess here right now isn't it? The worst part is that nobody is taking any sort of accountability. How the hell can you promote a site as anonymous only to say years later, it never really was and that people could copy links since day one. The only reason they linked to Facebook was so that people could import their friends lists. Its all about numbers and eventually comes down to money.

Thank you Snowy. You will still get to see her pics on fb, since you are my friend there also, but I would HATE for one of her friends to post my EP story and embaress her on facebook! I am not too happy about all this, I haven't even been around EP lately at all, and here is just one more reason not to log in...

She really is a beautiful young woman! I love seeing her pics and I love the open communication and relationship you both have with one another. I know you are so proud of her and you have every reason to be! <br />
YOU have raised that beautiful, intelligent young lady!!

She gives me a lot to brag about Mejoe. She is up at UGA PreMed now, just finished rushing and is a member of a sorority too. She deserves every bit of it, she works hard for the things she wants in life. I'm glad she is getting them. Hugs.

Thanks Cass. Yes, she is.

LOL MMX2, As I menitoned she is a strong person. Always has been. She can take care of herself pretty well, is used to male attention, and quite good at the art of deflecting any unwanted advances.

Ok, MMX2, you do that :)

She really is, Ameliosgirl. A very strong personality, which is a lot easier to deal with now that she is older. She was horrible as a toddler, and I can't even begin to tell you the drama and trauma of her early teens. lol It was worth it though, to get a glimpse of the woman she is becoming...

Sounds like a great kid !!

Thanks Rog. :)<br />
<br />
I know I have bent your ear as well, when it comes to Sam. She just never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks Mr. Blue! I am so totally proud to be her Mom. :) I have a son myself, who is no where near the academic his sister is, in fact, the opposite end of the spectrum! I am proud of him too, for different reasons also. I plan on doing a story on him next...<br />
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Ah, Bassy, you have heard me bragging about Sam enough to burn your ears, I'm sure. You have two gorgeous daughters yourself, I know. Looking forward to your visit to ATL Sweetie! It will be great to see you and Sugar again!

Nothing better than being able to brag about your youngins :)

You are not kidding. She is truly gorgeous. And seems like a person of such amazing talent and character. You must be so proud to be her mom.<br />
<br />
I have a son who is 18. But she is way out of his league - unless she goes for geeky smart guys who are likely to take over the world someday. I am proud of him too, but for slightly different reasons. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

Haha girl! I am bad but my Mom is the worst! It is a grandmother's "thing" to brag, but Sam gives her lot's of material to pull from. Yes, she is def. a girly girl, like her Mom. She is walking around in her little dress and tights right now, about to go off to school. She has no idea me and her Grammy and her dad are about to meet up there for a surprise Who's Who ceremony where they are honoring her this morning. I told her I have a dentist appointment. ;)<br />
<br />
I am so grateful that we have such a close relationship too. As you know, she tells me everything, and although sometimes it is more than I really want to know, I would never wish it any other way. She is one of my best friends. One I don't see too much these days, she always has a ton going on! lol

LOL you are NOT the only one that brags on her. You would think she was my kid or something. Ask DreamVoyeur. I was bragging on her just last night to him, not in as detail as you just did but I left no doubt in his mind that you are my very bestest gf and that I am very proud of "Sam." She is a girl too. I am so excited for the things to come for her. She is a legacy for you as I have always admired your relationship and open communication with her.

She makes it easy to brag on her, DV. Thanks for the comment, Hon. :)