My Daughter - My Pride

They say that to experience what life is we must have daughters, how true this is i could know only when i was blessed with a beautiful angel my daughter " Arundhati" my "Lado" . When she smiled for the first time my heart swelled with pride, when she walked her first step i felt as if i had walked for the first time in my life, when she spoke her first words they mesmerised me as nothing has ever gotten over me, when she attended her first day in school it made me educated, when she hugs me i feel that i have the world in my arms, when she kisses me it seems a kiss from heaven, when she calls me for anything it seems that i want to keep hearing sweet "Papa" from her, when she eats from my hands sitting on my laps it gives me the sense of me sitting on my mom's laps & getting fed, In all these small gestures till now she has taught me innumerable lessons but the biggest of them is that DAUGHTERS are a rare treasure & let us take immense care of our prized possession by giving them love, warmth, respect & a good upbringing. Thanks My dear Lado for coming into our lives & making me a better human being & would want to say to you that i feel blessed & proud to have you as my DAUGHTER

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

awww ur daughter is lucky to have such a loving father as you!