Breazy and Thunder Cat.

The long road of puppy love sure is crazy sometimes. I got my dog about 2 1/2 years ago when she was just a puppy and wow what a trip it has been. She has always been so loving, but man those puppy teeth are something else. She chewed through everything, even my bowling ball bag all the way to my shoes. It wasn't funny then but now every time I see the shoes I laugh. About 6 months after I brought her home she and I moved, to take a new job in a new place where I didn't know anyone. She was my savior. She kept me company at night and made sure that I was never alone.

Its been two years now and I just recently bought a house, the destructive teeth are gone, and now the I can feel safe leaving her out all alone when i leave. She is growing up.

So It was just her and I until about a month ago, when I was visiting my boyfriend in back home, and he had been having a visitor. Well where I live its cold, and there was the friendliest kitty I had met in a long time living on his porch. The kitty just appeared one day, and then never left. ( I am sure the food and water being provided by my boyfriend had something to do with that.) Well I couldn't let him freeze to death so I had to at least see if they would get along. So I brought him home, and he and the dog have become fast friends.

It really is great that now I have the worlds greatest dog and cat. Well in my opinion anyway.

ruckussjr ruckussjr
Feb 28, 2009