My Dogs

They love me even when I do something stupid :D they are also really good listeners.
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it's so great that you have dogs that you feel such a bond with! It's a wonderful feeling.

I have four beautiful lads with everything that is entailed. They make me laugh they keep me in suspence with their grace and beauty. Their speed is breath taking their gentel ways keep me going when days are grey. they are the love of my life the esens of my soul. they are there for me at every hour of every day I will be there for them at every turn. Ours is a relationship ba<x>sed on love and understanding for each other across the species divide. They were once unwanted but not by me. They are here to stay as long as they live we have each other and perhaps that is the way it should be.

I love my dog too! <br />
He is the best.<br />
I am good to him, and he is good to me.<br />
Too bad people are not as true blue.<br />
It's true. Dog is not only a man's best friend. He's a woman's best friend tool.

lol me too :] but i really feel like they listen, they may not understand the words you are saying. but i think they understand the emotions we have.

hhaa i alway talked to my dog and sometime people think i had nerve trouble

i'm glad there are other people out there who feel the same about their dogs as i do :D

Hello.... I have a "Dog" and his name is Miko and he is always there for me... He knows when I am upset and is always by me. He could do no wrong. There is one thing that I love the most is that He doesent talk back....HA! HA!.....Im glad you love your dog keep on loving him.....Anto815

Yeha, I love my dog too. After everything you go through they are there to love you, and they are so innocent that they can do no wrong.