I Could Share Anything For My Dog

i could share anything for my dog when being in the bad mood that noone could be .honestly, i am a good listener so i am always be a bin for my friends to throw things in but noone is a perfect listener for me except for my dof but he passed away. miss him
cynthia88 cynthia88
22-25, F
4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Thank y for sharing Koytakh <br />
haha of course i love him more than everyone . I agree with y that it's still hard to get another dog, i love animal so much ,i had had 3 lovely cat, one of them was blind 2 eyes, y could be scared if y saw her 2 red hole instead of sightly eyes :( ( i saw her abandoned in a department then i picked her home) but she was the most intelligent cat i have seen ,but finally 3 cats and my dog left me alone . you know their death absesses me ...<br />
^^ may be in the future , i will definitely have a couple of dogs and then see their baby dogs. Yep . dogs are so so great .<br />
wish your two friends re always strong and happy.

Hi cynthia88<br />
most people did not know your dog so you are bound to have loved him more than all of them. Just joking with you. Sorry your dog died. I had a dog and it was hard when he died and I could not bring myself to get another. Finally I got two. That felt different to having one so I was not reminded of him. Does that make sense. Anyway I love these two now. Dogs are great! When you are ready get another or two even! Having two is easier as they are great company for each other!<br />