He's My Baby :)

I have literally had my dog since the day he was born. We own his mother and his brother, but ever since the beginning, I always felt like I was meant to own him. When I used to take care of the puppies, he would always be the one who wanted me to hold him the most and always used to follow me. Now he greets me at the door, runs to me and is always so happy to see me. Right now, he's sleeping (or should I say, snoring :-P) right next to me on my bed. I just love him to pieces.
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6 Responses Dec 26, 2007

It's the best feeling. My doggie is sleeping next to me right now too. She is only 7 pounds and yet I find myself on the edge of my bed too often. She is the best.

I'm not alone. My heart feel happy because I love my dog so much can't even explain it. He mains so much to me but people around me don't understand that when you love something there are no limits to that love. They just see my yorkie as a dog but he's a part of my life what hurts me the most is knowing one day he's going to leave me

I love doggie snores!

Awe. mine is sleeping next to me too. What kind of dog do you have?

Awwww. There's some ethereal depth in the love you get from a pet that I've not seen in humans much. I wonder if they're even capable of loving so unconditionally. <br />
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My little puppy is my baby too. We didn't have him since birth though. We adopted a stray. He was like a month or so when we rescued him. :). He's the best friend I've ever had. I love him to bits.

aww thats cute! i have a year old yorkie so i know EXACTLY how you feel.