I Missed My Dog....

i really missed my dog..his name was bon-bon...my brother found him on street with a broken hips,apparently a vehicle run him over and go!..he was just a puppy then..i thought that night that his gonna die for i felt his pain through his eyes...i feel so bad that i can't do anything that time....so instead i just sit there beside him and give him a gentle massage to ease his pain and whispering a prayer at the same time...to my amazement the next morning he was able to make it alive!!...i never felt so happy and relieved that day....from then onward he became my dog and i called him BON BON!!....He died 5 yrs ago out of old age....the day he died i saw in his eyes that he wanted to rest for good.....so i whisper to him "ok good old bon-bon... you can rest now....goodbye"......
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4 Responses Oct 15, 2010

Very Sorry, for your loss<br />
We too suffered the loss of our dog. And we know the loss was almost more than you can bare.

i must agree ...and somehow more often than not pets are more capable of giving back the love..

Dogs are more sentient than most humans.<br />
<br />
Always there.

yeah your right i guest....thanks for that.....