My Dog Is Worth A Lot To Me

My dog is now 9 years old, I never regret buying her, I was 11 years old when i finally convinced my parents letting me to have a dog, She has supported me in good and bad times. She is always my friend no mather what happens. Even though she shew up and destroy my globes and do other jokes sometimes that are not to funny she is the best.

When i'm sad she is there, when life feels not worth to live she is there.

Sometimes i take her to teh forest i let her run withput the leach. It's so beautiful seeing.
She is a border collie- golden retriever mix, she is black and some people are afraid when she barks , but i know she is the most kind even though she sometimes barks a bit to much.
I love her

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I also have a loving doggie who I feel is my baby sister with lots of love to give. Baby Amy is a joy to be with all the time.

My German Shepard Max would be the perfect dog if only I could get him to stop EATING THE BUTTER!!!<br />
Every time I go out and leave the butter on the counter, I come home to find the butter container on the couch EMPTY!<br />
He's gonna get FAT if he keeps eating my butter, and bagals just don't taste the same dry...<br />
He's gone through about 2lbs of butter in just the last week. I buy 1lbs and HE eats 3/4 of it...<br />
<br />
I luv you Maxy Pooch,<br />

I grew up with my dog and he died when I was 15 and he was 16. I have always missed him dearly.<br />
He was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. He was always in a good mood and happy to see me and always wagging his tail. He was a very mellow dog but if strangers came around he really would put them in there place. He was part collie and part coyote - he could run so FAST !! If I could only have 3 wishes - one would be to be with him again - he was the best. Unconditonal love - no matter what.

I must tell you about a dog named Muttley. She is no longer with us, left us 9 years ago, but I love her now and will love her always. She would come and ask to be let out to do her business, then, when she was finished, she'd bark quietly just once, just loud enough for us to hear and let her back in. She used to scold us by barking if she'd been left alone at home, but if one of us stayed home, she was fine. Once my wife came home and asked me "Where's Muttley?", and Muttley came out from under a table and jumped at her - no doubt in my mind she understood English in many situations. So many stories I could tell about her - so many wonderful memories....

They give love unconditionally; unlike most people! They give us far more than they take back. My life would be so much less without my dogs. I am happily married and fortunately my husband is also a dog lover: beware the people your dogs dislike!

To all dog owners. You have a treasure chest of love with you 24/7. Love them the best of your ability, do not try to compete with the love they will give you, you cannot match it. I had four dogs at the same time. They all got on great together even though they were different breeds. Sadly they passed on years ago. One was 19yrs. and one was 20yrs. I then went to the local animal rescue centre and I got another 2 year old GSD. She was absolutely wild, and nobody could get anywhere near her, although she took to me like a duck to water. Whenever I took her out she wanted to attack anyone or anything that moved. I took her to dog training schools, who all gave up on her. I took her to a dog psychologist all to no avail. I then started to take her out at 4am for a walk through the local woods and along the seafront in my area. That way I could let her off the lead and give her a good run out without the fear of her attacking other animals or people. Unfortunately she is no longer with me. 4 years ago I had her put to sleep to save her suffering. she was with me for ten years. Although she is not by my side, she is very very firmly lodged in my heart. She will never be forgotten. I would love to take another dog, but as I am on the verge of 78 I have to think about me going and leaving the dog behind. I would not like to think of that, because the way I would love that dog it would mean heartbreak for it, the same as I am suffering now. In tears, Goodnight

Beautiful story. I love my dog Ruby. She is 6 yrs old. Got 3 new companions for her last yr. Learnt how to groom all 4 of them. Now training them.

Max(German Shepard) and Mimi(fuzzy grey kitty) chase each other. I actually enjoy being awakened by Mimi chasing Max across my bed at 5AM. Then they wrestle on top of me and chase each other thru the living room and back to the bedroom and on top of me. they're funny that way. I've never seen a cat and dog get along this well. I'm lucky I guess.

We have two dogs. They are loyal and loving creatures, each in their own individual way. Bonnie is a female, from time to time she will come and visit me when I am working at my computer, she rests her head on my thigh, looks at me and waits for me to massage her back. <br />
Pup-pup is a male, he's very independent but does not like being left at home if we go out (it's all right for him to go out without us, though!). When I come back from shopping he runs to greet me, leaps up and takes my arm in his jaws. Then he rushes madly off to to the far corner of the yard and back to me again, giving off sharp barks the while. He loves chasing the cats, but they always manage to escape.

I had a Ridgeback mix for 16 1/2 yrs. (Spoiled Rotten)Rascal was my baby. Not the most obedient, but definatly the most loyal. I don't regret letting her go, but I will always miss her. Lets face it. 16.5 is like 115 dog years. LONG Life. LONG, Happy life. In got her when she was 8 wks and raised her to be strong minded and an independant thinker. I was critisized by some for not training her better, but she was EXACTLY the dog I wanted her to be.<br />
I've gone through 12 dogs since(9 puppies born in my clothes basket), but she remains most memorable.<br />
Now have 3yr old Shepard named Max and little grey kitten named Mimi, and they're a hoot!<br />
Yes, our non human children are temporary, but the relationships are WELL worth the effort.