Life Changers!

What can I say.I got my first greyhound in 1986 and my first whippet the year after. Sighthounds caught my heart and captured my soul.I grew up with dogs of more conventional breeds such as daschhunds. However when I saw a picture of a greyhound I fell in love deeply and irevocabilly.I read everything I could find about greyhounds and Niki came into my life.She died in her sleep in 1993.I miss her but there are others in my life every bit as loved as she was/is truth be told we never forget those who leave us and I am sure we will meet them again when it is our turn to cross the rainbow bridge.In 2005 I lost my nine month old whippet puppy he had been diagnosed with haemophelia and a cerebral tumour. I had to let him go with love. an aquaintance knew I had an ifinnity for greyhounds and since he had a computer he found an organisation called galgoes in need Denmark I contacted them and talked to them for well over two hours and finally asked if I could adopt a galgo(Spanish breed of sighthound)I was given the green lights. I waited and ten days later they had found a galgo for me did I want him ? I said yes time passed especially slowly as I was waiting to pick my new familymember up at the airport. The night before I had a call from Spain and the chairperson of the organisation told me that the hound I was waiting for was too traumatised to go anywhere but they had found another one only slightly smaller and darker than the first one did I want him I said yes. As I went to the airport I had no idea what to expect. I signed the adoption papers and was asked if I wanted to see a picture of my new hound I said yes and to my surprise and delight I found a picture of a young greyhound not a galgo when I pointed that out I was asked how I could be so sure and I said that once you have had a greyhound you don´t forget what they look like. Connor arrived and it was love at first sight. This was back in 2005 I have not looked back since. I found out that my Connor is related to my very first greyhound so it was like life comming full circle. Since then I heard about the way racing greyhounds were treated and formed my own organisation in 2006 as no one wanted to help racing greyhounds. In 2008 I moved to a bigger place and have since adedded two more greyhounds to my wee family. I have no regrets and can only say this greyhounds changed my life for the better. Let a greyhound race into your heart I did and have no regrets I love my four lads. Three greyhounds and one whippet my life is a happy and priveledged one because of my greyhounds.They are my nearest and dearest I would not want any other life as I love my lads and without them life would not be the same. 
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Thanks for your comment Burdisteword. Greyhounds are the love of my life. If your pittie has whippet blood in her she is a lurcher not a pittbull. She may seem fast but a greyhound is lightning fast they take your breath away when they sprint at top speed.Their history is ancient they are some six thousand years old as a breed and were the favorites of the royals who were the only ones allowed to own greyhounds. anything below the status of a gentleman was not deemed good enough to have them. This has changed dramatically. Now a days they are considered worthless if they are no longer fast enough for the track. They are uniqe in every way I for one have no regrets. Anyone who owns a greyhound as a familymember is fortunate indeed.

whaaaaat, I bet you were so happy to find out he was related to your first greyhound. I know i woulda been. Sorry you had to put your puppy down, i had to put down my 18 year old german shepard when i was 18 years old, yeah...suked. I didn't know you loved greyhounds so much, i plan on getting one someday but they just look so fragile, even though they can run. I told you about my sister's pittbull, 35lb of running machine. she tucks her tail and runs low right past the other dogs haha, i've always suspected she has part whippet in her but i can't really tell, she looks like she might, ima put a picture up on here when i can of her.

Thanks both of you for your coments. Greyhounds are like no other breed of dog ancient and as purebred then as they are now with a history that dates back some six thousand years. They are uniqe in this sense and every other I can think of. To have such a royal hound is a blessing and once you have met one there is no turning back. As with Sunset Song they are the love of my life and because of the exploitation abuse and down right mistreatment they are subjected to I will always alert others to their plight and try to help as much as I can my own greyhounds are a true blessing as I know others owned by their greyhounds will say.

Thank you Preserver.

What an amazing and beautiful story greydk! It is a wonderful work you are doing for these poor abused animals. No wonder they love you so much!