My Dog Has a Cold

Poor thing. I didnt know dogs got colds. She hasnt been around other dogs for the last couple of weeks so am not sure where she got it. The poor thing has sneezed for four straight days and now has a blocked nose. Imagine a jack russell with a blocked nose!

She is bright enough and obviously no fever so I havent taken her to the vet yet. Will monitor her and see. She is still full of beans and harassing her partner in crime. Besides, the vet already thinks I am a hypochondriac - the dogs are taken to him virtually once a month for something or other and its getting quite embarassing... though I have looked out the number of another vet in the neighbourhood just in case.

WyldHoney WyldHoney
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3 Responses Mar 30, 2008

If only people understood that animals feel just like humans and get sick. Hope she feels better my dog had allergies when I first got him thank god he's better

I know what you mean about the vet lol Tiniest scratch or limp and she's there!

Same thing happened to my dog - then all my cats (2 mine, one a foster form shelter) they all got better. <br />
Hope yours feels better soon!