Dogs Would Make Great People

When I was 6 we got a dog. His name was Shane (my father always insisted on giving our dogs human names). He was a ridgeback / alsation cross and we got him when he was just 4 weeks old. He was one of a litter of 14 and we were waiting until he was old enough to leave mommy but then pups from the litter started getting stolen so we got him way too young.

He was a little bundle of fluff that was half blind but he grew into my best friend and was my constant companion until he died when I was 18. He never hurt me, never back stabbed me, never played petty social games with me and never complained when I wasnt a bunch of laughs. He was always there for me and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would give his life for me in a second.

Dogs dont care what you look like, what sort of failings you have, they just want to love you and be loved in return. I wish that people could be so simple in their outlook on relationships, the world would be a much nicer place.

WyldHoney WyldHoney
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6 Responses Apr 11, 2008

that was cute (:

sniff, so true

Great story, do you have any now? We have 4 Beagles and they make me happy when I'm sad, never hurt or talk back to me and will always love me. I can't wait to get home to see them everyday!

I love the bumper sticker I saw the other day: "Please God, make me the man my dog thinks I am."

i truly hope you are reunited one day.<br />
thanks for the tears. would say more , though i'm quite choked up atm.

Very true, very true. A dog is a true compainion. Kudos to you for a such a heart warming story!