My dog is my best friend its like he has been with me through good and bad. He is so hyper and does the funniest things without even trying. he goes everywhere i do , he is like my shadow. But about a month ago i notice a change in him so I went to the vet to so they could tell me whats be up with my dog lately ….. turns out he has cancer , We have to set a date for him to be euthanized next week. Im so sad i got him for my 5th birthday I’ve had him for 13 years , and now i have to watch him be put down. But i know i have to he seems like everyday is a struggle for him and i dont want him to suffer any longer. Whats sad is that i know im not going to get over this easily my life just isn't going to be the same without him.
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Hi K.:<br />
I feel for you; its so very hard to loose your love! I've done it, too and it ain't no fun. Just wish our doggie loves lived as long as we do........its the pits. Hang in there....he'll be with you again some day. Keither

i am so so so sorry. i know how you feel, it's like a hole in your soul. i've always had dogs and always loved them but sometimes one just affects you more. we rescued samantha from certain death..she was being circled and attacked by coyotes. my husband went over the fence and saved her. she had obviously been dumped as she had many abrasions on her belly where it looked like she was pushed from a car or bed of a truck. we had to bathe her and get those wounds clean and my job was to hold her head..i looked into her soulful brown eyes and we bonded. i had her for 14 years and she was ALWAYS by my side..she slept beside my bed, layed on the floor beside my couch, we always jokingly called her omnipresent.she got old, she got lame and i knew that the end was coming and i didn't think i could handle it. one day she couldn't get up and i couldn't see her suffer anymore. geez, i am blubbering again just remembering this. i rode in the back of the pilot with her to the vet and i held her and told her what a wonderful girl she was while they gave her the shot. a part of my heart died that day and i grieved for was so so so hard but i wouldn't change a thing. one day it didn't hurt so bad to look at her pictures and i was actually able to laugh at some of our sam a lam a ding dong stories.i still miss her and this was 5 years ago. i have 3 other dogs now..2 new since she passed but i'll never forget her and i KNOW she'll be waiting for me at heaven's gate.<br />
as hard as this will want to be there and comfort him in his last minutes. your life won't be the same without him but it is better for him having been in it.<br />