My dog, Butch, is a shiatsu mix.  He was a rescue dog I got when I was about 12 years old.  Someone found him all matted and dirty and when his owners were contacted, they did not want him back, he was only about 3 at the time.   He is 14 years old now and still has a lot of *****.  He is my best friend, my companion, my sidekick, and partner in crime.  He goes with me everywhere and sleeps with me every night.  Butch is the sweetest little guy and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love.  I do believe he can understand me and we often have many conversations.  He talks to me a lot and we even have our 'inside jokes' (i say certain things and he reacts with a bark, whine, squeak of the toy, or many other ways)  I moved out of my mothers house a year ago to be an RA in my college residence halls,  and was unable to take Butch with me.  It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make but I only moved a few miles down the road.  I was able to go home a lot and visit him, and I often spent the night.  There was a two week span where I was unable to visit him and he got real sick.  My strong little man pulled through and accepted that we couldn't always be together.  My mother is single and works long hours so Butch often got sent to my sisters house where he could receive more attention.  I ended up moving back home for the summer with my mother, and I was ecstatic just to live with my dog Butch again.  My mother sold our house and was unable to find a patio home in time and had to move into an apartment.  The apartment she ended up with does not allow dogs.... I was absolutely crushed.  My sister was kind enough to take Butch in, and he does like it there, but I still was very sad because I felt like I was giving him up.  I go to my sisters a LOT to see him.  After summer I move back into the college apartments to RA and they do not allow dogs either   This is my last year at school so I plan to take Butch back the day I move.  We have this special bond that no distance or time could ever break.  When we see each other we are both happier than ever and cherish the moment forever.  When I am not with Butch, I do miss him more than ever.  He is getting old and I am absolutely dreading 'that day'.  But Butch is a very strong spunky little guy and I believe he has a lot of umph left in him.   A lot of people say "oh its just a dog" but Butch is not JUST a dog.  He is so much more than that. My best friend.
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I agree, I had a labrador once, sweet thing, but that day came. Then later we got 2 maltesers and had a liver shunt and that day came for her too, I cried hard... And I never cry. We still got one malteser left and it's so sweet, I love her so much, her name is Millie, sweet thing.