No Competition

I have had five dogs during the past 20 years,and loved all of them dearly.They have helped me through difficult times more than any other living creature,and without a dog my life is shorn of too much to bear,and thats the truth.I love all creatures,and also feed the birds(especially crows)around my area every day,which has led to them putting an iota of trust in me,which I cherish.The fact they will come a little nearer to me than others says so much for them.Even afte all man has done to them,they are still willing to give a little trust,and I think thats amazing.Most people I come into contact with are involved in the community mobbing by which Im targeted,so many I find it staggering.My thoughts often go to the reports others who are being mobbed/gang stalked,who have had their pets killed to spite the owners,but it is something you just have to ignore and get on with life,otherwise the mobbers/stalkers have accomplished what they set out to do.Its fair to say that due to my circumstances,my dog(at present a two year old border collie,she has one blue eye and one brown)puts the vast majority of people I meet to shame.No competition.
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I think you got a little sidetracked here,to be honest.

I think you actually add to the story with what you say here Lush,very,very true,thanks.

Completely understandable when you've been shunned by humanity, pets are the people we can turn to because no matter what they'll be by your side, comfort you, make you laugh and never betray you because in retrospect they are the perfect essence of a human being, what we should be. We can learn much from pets and the way they interact with their owners. Animals too, they know what trust means if you approach them properly. "If you don't step on me, I won't step on you." "Or I watch your back, if you watch mine."