My Dog Mufasa

i love my dog more than i love most people. My dogs name is Mufasa, he's a cross bread. We didnt find him, he found us. The one night last year july we heard a puppy outside. It was Mufasa. He was very scared, dirty and cold. He also didnt trust any people. We think he was hurt by somebody, both his ears were cut, like they do with fighting dogs. My husband said that we had to keep him. He is so lovible. He even sleeps in our bed and he's very protective of me, nobody can come near me. If something had to happen to him, i would't know what to do. He's like my child. I can't believe that people can hurt any a animal.

antondx antondx
1 Response Jun 5, 2008

Mufasa!! ROFL! Reminds me of on The Lion King when the hyenas are saying Mufasa's name, and one SHIVERS and says: Say It Again! *shivers* Do it again! *shivers* heheehehee. Muuuu-faaaa-ssssaaaaa!!! *shivers*