Can`t Believe Shes Gone....

Hello Everyone,
Reading all your stories has helped me.
I too love my dog more than most people, but now Pepsi is no longer with me.
We spent 16 wonderful years together. She found me, and once she did, there was no giving up.
I tried to take her back to the place where she followed me home from, after just one night in my apt. I was sure someone would be missing her. (Fully grown when we met)
I told her to go find her mummy "Go on shoo", yet she had already found me.
From that day forward she never left my side. On that very same day I thought of the heartache which would eventually come. I didn`t know when it would come but I knew I would lose her one day.
That day arrived 30/07/12 a Monday. 19.30hrs.

Cancer, CHF and a tumour in her lung. Pepsi was 18yrs old. I decided to let her go without pain. The Vet also said that when the pain comes to Pepsi it would be immense. The pain was one thing I didn`t want to see her suffer with.
Pepsi was my best friend in the world. My heart is breaking. It was the easiest and hardest decision I have ever made in my life. I feel like my world has shattered.
Many of my so called friends don`t understand.
Anyone who said "Diamonds are a girls best friend" never had a dog.
God bless you all, and mostly my Pepsi.
Emsie76 Emsie76
3 Responses Aug 3, 2012

You are welcome Esmie76. Connor was very special in many ways. He was found on the brink of starvation only thirteen months old he had laid down in front of the maingates of the royal palace in Madrid.He survived and was with me for six and a half great years.He was a survivor of Spain not a Spanish galgo but a greyhound born of two Irish exports born to race."hate that phrase" he was likely raced twenty times or more at that tender age. How he came to be found where he was is an unknown to this day.I found his pedigree and most of it anyway SireĀ“s side was substanciated not the dams but by that time the Greyhound studbook of Spain had been destroyed as the last racetrack in Barcelona closed its gates for good.I think the hard life and continued starvation was what killed my poor lad before time because starvation has a very negative effect on the body it would have stolen years of his expected life time or at least I think it did putting an unnescessary strain on his organs and bloodvessels killing Connor prematurely. Just know you are not alone in missing a loved one. I still miss Connor and he died over a year ago.I got through the darkest times as I had a new needy greyhound to look after and share my life with you might say that it honours Connors memory and the special bond we shared.The love that has grown and matured from this has all been thanks to Connors love and devotion.Thanks my lad my life.Just wanted to tell you Connors story in tribute to Pepsi and him they make our lives worth living.

Yeah its amazing how they touch you so deep. Sorry for your loss. I also just put down my black lab Anna she also was 16. Its heartbreaking.

Sorry for you too ! It`s day 5 without her. It`s a struggle but with time ...... I hope things will get better.

Sorry for your devestating loss. I think you gave her a wonderful life and a peaceful end yet not the end of anything. I believe we will meet all of our loved ones again when the day comes.I lost my Connor last year unfortunatly he was too young when he left this world he died of a bloodclot in his cerebellum according to my vet. He was snoozing in late afternoon and never woke up again. I miss him but still have four others to care for. Namely my three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. Love your tribute to Pepsi.Thanks for sharing.Ps you are not alone.

Thank you for your kind words. It is a comfort knowing there are likewise people here to speak with. (I only found this site by accident, google-ing "I miss my dog")
I`m sorry for your loss of Connor. I was kinda hoping my baby would slip away in her sleep, I believed she deserved that peaceful end.
I received a lovely message from the vet yesterday, which upped my spirits a little.
God Bless all our babies. XXX (Thanks again)