My Dog Is Lucky That I Did Not Spank Her Yesterday

I am often out of town all day for one reason or another. Yesterday was one of those times. I have a fence around my back yard but my dog is good at digging under the fence and getting out. My solution to that problem, or so I thought was to buy a leash that is about 20 feet long, so she can be on it, have room to be a doggie and if she digs under the fence to get out, she won't get too far. Another thing I tried is to keep her inside when I am gone all day. Her reaction to that was to poop in the house. I yelled at and spanked her for that. whether or not it did any good, I do not know.

When I was done with what I was out of town all day for yesterday, I checked my cell phone. There was a message from an acquaintance to call him but he did not say exactly why he needed to talk. When I got home I called him and he said that he saw my dog wandering around the neighborhood and saw her scoot under the fence to get back in.

When I got home yesterday afternoon, my dog was off her leash and waiting for me on the patio. I thought nothing of it other than to ask, "What happened to your leash." I don't speak dog, so if she attempted to answer, I did not understand it. Also she doesn't bark much. I think I heard her bark a total of 25 times in the year and a half that I had her. I was told that dogs not barking is a sign that they were abused by previous owners. Because of that, she has to really mess up for me to even think about spanking her.

At about 5:30 local time yesterday evening, a lady rang my doorbell. She asked, "Do you have Cindy?" My dog's name isn't Cindy and I thought she was accusing me of kidnapping her daughter. I said, "Excuse me?" or something similar. She said, "Do you have your dog?" I answered, "Yeah. She's right here." The lady than told a story about how she found my dog wandering around the neighborhood and she took the dog back to my place but the dog would not go into the gate. She also said that she opened my side gate in a hope that the dog will go in it. She also noticed that the gate was still open and suggested that I close it. I said, "that's probably a good idea. Thank you"

It appears that my dog had more fun yesterday than i did.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2012

I don´t find it particualarly amusing when someone openly admits to their ignorance and neglect of their dog the story only shows a lonely understimulated dog looking desperatly for its owner. The knowledge you lack can be aquired the neglect can be remideed if you start now you can help your dog heal instead of being the one inflicting the pain and isolation.Think about the dog for once not yourself and your amusement. I have just lost my wee whippet and the grief is raw and deep but one thing I can say he was never neglected unclean in the house or lonely. He lived a full good life for over ten years. He was loved and apriciated as he was to you open admitting to beating your dog makes me livid with anger shame on you help your dog do not hurt her. I hope you learn from this. I am nagging you for the dogs sake since you don´t seem to grasp just how precious they realy are.

Thanks for sharing. You should not be allowed to have a dog at all you don´t give her what she needs namely stimuli you keep her outside because she defecates in the house for that you beat her. My advice is simply this give her to someone who cares enough about her not to neglect and mistreat her as you do. News flash naturally she bites the leash to shreds why she is looking for you. You never walk her and then you asume she can´t live indoors because you dident bother to be patient with her teaching her gently what you wanted her to learn namely to be clean in the house. Any dog you get from another owner have things to learn dogs can´t take care of themselves. If you realy care about her sit down and read everything you can about dogs and how to keep them. Or at least make sure she goes to a home where they know how to look after a dog which you certainly have no knowledge of at all beating your dog shame on you.