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100 Percent Love ....

Over the years, I've had many dogs … pound mutts, Keeshond, Collies and the greatest breed of all, Golden Retriever. My first Golden was named Terra and she was the sweetest, most serene dog I had ever owned. At about 6 years, she developed some health problems that made her life extremely difficult. One of the burdens of pet ownership is taking responsibility for the hard decisions concerning their well-being and, eventually, I had to put Terra to sleep. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and I cried spontaneously for two weeks after.


I swore that I would never have another Golden …. Terra was the perfect dog and I just couldn't imagine that another Golden could compare. That was true until I went grocery shopping one cold December day.


Walking across the parking lot, I came near a 10 year old con man standing at the rear of a pickup truck. As I approached, he reached into the bed of the truck and produced a puppy …. a Golden puppy and asked if I would like to hold his puppy. Now that this kid is older, I'm sure that he's a great used car salesman. Anyway, I held the puppy for a while and chatted with the boy and his dad and the urge to take the puppy home with me was getting stronger by the minute. I looked in the truck bed and saw that there were 5 puppies in total.


Remembering Terra and the time that she spent alone when I was at work, I made a decision … if I was going to buy one, then I would have to buy two. Obviously, I had already made the decision … I just didn't know it. Silly me !!


I selected the male I was holding and also the runt of the litter, a female. They came to be known as Boo and Baby.


When I arrived home, I let the puppies scamper around the front yard. As I mentioned earlier, it was a cold day and the puppies would always return to the mulch around the trees …. apparently the mulch absorbed solar energy and was warmer than the Winter grass.



They quickly acclimated to the house and routinely used the kitchen as a race track …



And they were very curious about that Christmas tree thing ….



And then, they grew up …..



They were happy dogs …. always looking for reasons to smile …. and for the giving and receiving of affection ….



They had very different personalities. Baby was calm and patient. Boo was irrepressible and slightly gonzo. Baby's favorite toy was Boo. Boo's favorite toy was tennis balls … his greatest joy was picking up as many tennis balls at one time as he could …. the record was five …. and he would be so proud …. prancing around … doing that full-body tail wag ….


And Boo's most endearing quality was his dedication to Baby. She would use him as a pillow and for as long as she wanted to do that, he would not move. He took good care of her.



And they took good care of me too …. for many years, they brought me great companionship, laughter and joy.


Boo and Baby ….. R.I.P.



AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 9 Responses Aug 22, 2012

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What a sweet story and the replacement pups are adorable.

Thanks affinity .... they were great pets !!

Awww that is such a great story! I was smiling clear through. Absolutely love those pictures. It makes me want to go out and get my doggy a friend.
That last picture is just beautiful.

Thanks, lohla .... glad you enjoyed it ....

I loved that you detailed the guy as a 'con man'...yep..and they soooo saw you coming a mile away ;} I bet the dad in the car saw you walking and told the son to, 'grab a puppy we have a sucker coming' and there you were. I LOVED looking at the pictures!! Golden retrievers are my most favorite dog ever. My first dog was a Golden, Gracie. The puppy pics and the way you detailed them growing up was adorable! Yep...that 'con man' saw you coming a mile away my friend...and he chose you wisely. Great story. :}

Thank you, glow .... *smiles at you* .... they were great companions and always a source of joy

Wonderful story!!! I agree..Goldens are wonderful!!

They are the best !!! .... thanks !!!

Oh Laffs!!!! Within minutes you got me to fall in love. All three of you were very lucky to have each other. The story and pictures warmed my heart.

Thanks sweet M ..... (((hugs)))

awwwww, puppies. They looked so lovely.

Thanks Kat ... they were great ... as puppies and adults .... :o))))

Oh Laffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such a touching wonderful story!!!! I enjoyed it very much!!! They were soooooo cute as puppies and turned out to be beautiful adults! I wish I would have read this at home though, I am crying in my cube, hope no one comes by for anything until I can gather myself.

awwww Pix .... I didn't mean to make you cry .... the story was meant to be a celebration of the love and joy they brought .... (((hugs)))

Loved this story--the photos are adorable.

Thank you for reading ... and commenting ... :o)

Awwwwww...... I loved this story Laffs......Perfect friends for the perfect sort of man to love them totally...... They come into our lives and leave us with sooooo much...... I loved the pics of them..... I'm a lil teary on this right about now.....My dogs and even my snobby cat own more them a lil piece of my soul......

Thanks sie ..... as you said ... they leave us with so much ..... they just want to please