I Just Really Miss My Dog, Bundy <3

Roughly a year and a half ago I was going through such a rough time in my life, I adopted this Keeshond cross German Shepard named Bundy from an animal rescue centre that I basically fell in love with straight away... I saved money for weeks from a small part time job I had on a Saturday.
I only had him for about 6 months before I had to leave him but the bond we had was incredible, we were inseparable, every ounce of love I had went into my Bundy. I skipped school to take him to the beach, I used to sneak him cute little treats before I left in the mornings that I baked the night before, he used to whine about being put outside of a night time so I would sneak him into my bedroom and he slept on my bed (he was a big dog so I sometimes slept on the floor with him but sometimes I'd have him on my bed where I only got a small portion of the single bed but I didn't mind) and then I'd sneak him back out every morning before the parents woke up, We would just lie down resting on each other next to the fire place when we had a rough day, we used to video chat every time I went to my dads for a weekend and he'd fall asleep in front of the computer while I sang to him... we had a bond that's so hard to explain but he was my best friend... I miss him so much and I would do anything to see him but it's just too risky <3 I love him so much and it hurts seeing someone semi-close to me call him 'Their dog' when they weren't even around when I adopted him and went through that tough time, Bundy was the only one there for me then, Bundy WAS mine...
ElShaylo ElShaylo
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012