A Hands On Rescue Unwanted To Deeply Loved Familymember And Showdog!

Some would say why bother unwanted for racing well he was put in the adverts as "Free to good home" I saw him and thought he will go quick and he did I was happy for him. Little did I know he ended up in a hoarders keep.A month or so later I sadly lost one of my greyhounds who died from a bloodclot in his cerebellum he was snoozing in the afternoon and just never woke up again. A few days after his passing I was offered three diffrent greyhounds none of them would be good with my other two greyhounds and one whippet then another ten days passed and one late night an offer of a young greyhound came in. This time I said yes he was the free to good home greyhound I had seen in the classifieds. I was very pleased about that he would be the right greyhound no doubts in my mind. I arranged to pick my new greyhound up on the fourth of July last year a symbolic day for many and for my new greyhound it was the day he was finally free from kennels and racing.It was a very nervie young greyhound I picked up he was scared of men as he had been beaten for getting his racecard marked the race after that he was soo frightend that he made a complete shambles of it. He was disqualified and then he was brought to Denmark for racing he was disqualified and his owner who also had too many greyhounds offered him to me. Now more than a year later I can say that thing have changed for my young greyhound he is no longer scared of men and he entered the showring for the very first time.It was a man who was to judge him and Collin my new greyhound let him lift his lip to check his teeth stroke him over the back and pull the tail. Collin diden´t flinch he was judged at the same level as standard show greyhounds. He got a green ribband and was thus deemed sufficient.Well he won the most important prize of all he won over the fear he had once had of men now to some it may not be much but he won my heart even more.So please don´t turn away from a discarded greyhound adopt one or better yet get one of the numeros "free to good home" greyhounds I did and I have no regrets. Collin is wonderful in every sense of the word.
greydk greydk
46-50, F
Sep 23, 2012