Jewel Saved Me The Past 3 Yrs From Total Insanity

Jewel stayed by my side and gave me her uncontional love and comfort. My life had fallen apart in no matter of time. My husband walked out on me and started seeing other women and the last year he was having a emotional and physical affair with a low life street gutter rat. I was so insulted that he left me for a sleezie slimey psycho *****. It shocked me that he was capable of brining so much pain and suffering into my life when I had been such a good wife for 30 yrs. My baby girl Jewel took such good care of her mommy. She spent extra time with me continuing to be her happy loving self. I am not locked up due to her love. I have a long road ahead of me yet to recover and some kind of healing process. I am nothing more than a shell beaten down. Jewel will walk me through. Grieving for all my many loses. Sad and very lonely
q45debra q45debra
56-60, F
Nov 26, 2012