My Dog Is My Best Friend

My dogs name is max and I probably love him too much. hes a mut (several Breeds) in fact he is 4 different breeds. but he is way better than any dog I have ever met. hes very protective, very cuddly, very fast (I don't wanna hear anything about how other dogs are faster, Hes probably not the fastest dog in the world but he is fast), very strong, very smart, etc. and I'm honestly not just listing positive adjectives, I know everyone brags about their dog but he honestly is all that. I manage to teach him tricks with such ease.

he also learns commands when I don't mean to teach him. examples, I'm Aussie so I like to sound dinky-dye Aussie sometimes so I say Ca'n dog and he comes or when I say go away or off you go or off ya pop or something and he leaves.

of course he has faults such as he sheds like crazy, he barks all the time because he can hear people walking past our house or pulling into the driveway because of his extremely sensitive hearing and hes very excitable and he jumps up on people he likes when they enter our house and makes girly sounds (I try to make him a bit more manly because of my brothers teasing him (it annoys me not him when he gets teased). considering 2/3 of the faults I've listed can be taken as good qualities that's pretty good.

max is very active which is unfortunate for me because he is a little overweight and I can only blame my self for that. I only take him for a walk to the oval like every 2 weeks. and all i have to do there is throw the ball and he runs and brings it back, over and over again.

I have another dog (that is, my mum has another dog because I live with her and dad. spongebob (Its an ironic name cos hes huge and scary) is pretty much mums) . I love him but max is mine. anyway spongebob has one quality that I love. when I'm pissed of at a game or at some one he starts rubbing his face against me until i stop and just laugh at him. and he does it on purpose.

one of Max's best qualities is that he loves me just as much as I love him (if not more). the thing I love about dogs is that they are one of the only animals (including people) that will put their lives at risk to save the one they love without even a second thought.

Max is my best friend in the world and I dread the day I have to say goodbye.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Aww man that's awesome. I love my dogs too more than I love myself I have 2 dogs Dusty and Mirah but Dusty is my favorite she's soooo sweet and cuddly she sleeps next to me every night and goes to work with me every day. She is very playful abd funny she makes me laugh all the time. She's also a good rat we've got rats (big ones) at work and she sniffs em out and gets em when she can. She's a mix Rottweiler and hound dog. Mirah is my older girl and she just lays around but she's funny too and a full blood Rottweiler.