Lily the Bulldog - My Baby

So Lily is an English Bulldog - and I've never experienced a dog/owner relationship quite the one I have with her. She's spoiled rotten, seriously. I tell my husband that she's the daughter I never had and since I live in the Testosterone Castle with him and our 2 sons, I'm entitled to spoil her. She gets the pink stuff that I never got to buy before. . .as a matter of fact, there are days that I would be perfectly content not spending time with any person - and just spend it with Lily. Where there are humans, eventually there's drama - and Lily isn't much of a drama queen, and that's because she's too busy being a princess. She makes me laugh every single day and she's always right by my side. She's been through a lot with me - and through the pain she's always brought me joy - and that's worth more than words. She's a great playmate for the boys, too! She's the first bulldog I've ever owned, and the characteristics (or "personalilty") she has is unlike any other dog I've ever been around - I'll probably own a bulldog for the rest of my life for that reason. And if you're wondering - yes, that's her. (My profile photo). Don't get me wrong - my kids are great and I love being a mom - but there's something different and special about the bond I have with my Lily - some might say my attachment to her is unhealthy. . .I say Bite Me. She's my girl and if you don't have that bond with you're pup-you should really try to form one - you'll be amazed at the love that's there waiting for you - and you'll never want to go without it again!!
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go girl there is definitely a special love and bond with animals i wish all pet owners could allow themselves to feel it. i guess it depends on how you see and treat your buddies.

I think I can relate to that my three ex-raceing greyhounds and one whippet are my lads and the essens of my life. I was not abel to have children so my lads fill a void the unconditional love and strong bond between us is the source of my happiness and pure contentment. So I might as well join ranks with you two. I kiss my lads too and as for people and their remarks they can stuff it. If they have known the love of a dog I feel kind of bad for them as they will not have known the love and bond we share with our furkids our fourlegged familymembers.Too bad for them but good for us. Love your story about Lilly thanks for sharing.

"...there's something different and special about the bond I have with my Lily - some might say my attachment to her is unhealthy. . .I say Bite Me."<br />
ROFL - You go, girl! That's how I am too. If people think it's weird that I kiss my dogs, tuff ****! lol