My Winchester

He is the best addition to my family since my kids:-) He watches over me when I am home alone. When I get home he looks at me with such love its awesome to feel that kind of connection to something, human or not. My protector and my nap mate and my friend to cuddle up with when I am feeling lonely, depressed, stresses etc. Winchesters listens and snuggles up close when I am upset or he just wants some lovin!! Im lucky to have my kids of course......but the love from my dog is like no other:-)

MegJgeM MegJgeM
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7 Responses Sep 26, 2008

He is :-) And now has a few more siblings with the Pitbull and kitten to join him and his other brother Prince the cat I had before him.

I'm glad Winchester has a loving home where he is appreciated.

mine are both likhat. my oungest one rides with me and they both let me know when something is going on. i wouldnt be without them!!!!!

I agree thats what my dog is like he is such a sweatheart. I could never not have a dog ! :)

Its that unconditional love we all look for in human relationships but at times get disappointed by the lack there of from those we want it from. Love from another person is one thing, but the love of an animal is a monumental love we all could benefit from:-)

Winchester is such a great name! Have you found, it's SO difficult to explain to non-dog people just how much love your dogs actually give you. And how happy they are just to be with you. I'm off to give my Bella a cuddle...

I do agree and most dogs are such good listeners! I had a Jack Russell that would jump on my lap and give me kisses when I cry. They give love like no other. :)