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My Best Friend

My dog is my best friend.  I'm married and my wife is also my best friend, but sometimes I just like spending time with the puppy.  She's happy to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it, and she doesn't ask many questions.  She also has no expectations except that I come home every afternoon to be with her.  It breaks my heart when I have to go away for work - I know she'll be sitting in the window watching for me to come home and she won't understand why I'm not there.  I remember being so upset on the first business trip after we got her... I'd packed my bag the night before so I could leave early, and it seems the dog wanted to come too.  When I got to my hotel and opened my bag, she'd put one of her toys in it.  I still don't know if she did it so I'd have something to play with or if she was putting her prized possessions in the bag because that's what her daddy was doing.  I had to call home then and my wife put me on the speaker so the dog would get out of the window and relax.  She's sitting beside me with one of her toys now... her head is just resting on the corner of the laptop.

Brit247 Brit247 31-35, M 21 Responses Dec 16, 2008

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I like my dog way better than I like my husband.

I totally agree Dogs are far more loyal, never argue, give never ending love even if you have just told them off for some reason. Yes I do love my wife
"Most of the time" except when she is being self opinionated, argumentive, complaining of head aches etc etc

Wow seems like u love your dog more than your wife. Do u have this sort of rave about her on line???

That's so cute! I love the part about the toy.

Beautiful story:-)

Brit247 i got a cat for sale

thank you for sharing buddy its really make me feel so delightful with a smile ,

dogs are best friend

I know what everyone means. I definitely love my dog more than any human. In fact I think he should run for Congress. At least it couldn't be worse than what's there now and approval ratings would immediately go up.

WTF really u like your dog more than humans is no one but me worried for u about that statement?????

It's nice to hear about others that love their dogs so much:) Thank you

Lovely recolection about the loyalty of a wee dog.There is something you can do to make it less stressful for her when you leave as you most likely know dogs are pack animals why not let her have a brother or sister for company go to the nearest shelter and let her help you pick a lovely wee companion you will be more relaxed when you leave as you know she will not be alone and its not doubel troubel but doubel the fun having two lovely dogs devoted to you and asking for just love and companionship.Cheers from my lads and me.

thank you for the sweet story :)

hey man its ok, its ok.Its ok, sometimes dogs are just way more relaxed than people. Can definently understand the feeling. My dogs are way more awesome than the abusive people in my life. :-)

Man that was really touching. I really get how a pets love is uncondtional and well thank you for sharing. Take care buddy.

What a darling story...what a precious puppy you have. I absolutely feel the same way about my little Yorkie...he is the little light of my life! My husband loves him too, but my little boy and I share a very special bond. My husband tells me that whenever I am away from home, our little boy searches the house and whines for me the entire time, until I return...and I receive the most excited and happy welcome every time (from both of!) Once, my husband told me that our dog howled when I left...and to my knowledge, Yorkies are not a breed that howl! <br />
<br />
Thanks for the story...dogs are the best, truly, the best!!! :-)

i don't like dogs at all, but i do like your story to make me love something. That is human nature how u are describingc your feeling and Sympathetic.

I am a fan of dogs. Hugs :D

Dogs are great. I am married and love my wife but understand when you say you love your dog.

Awwwwwww.....shush! I love it! Animals are so smart and sensitive.

aw, that is so sweet! and double aw for her putting the toy in your suitcase. i feel the same way about my girl, and that sounds just like something she'd do!

This is a very sweet story. It's wonderful that you and your pup are so close. She really wants to take care of you. What's her name?