The Lights of My Life!!

I have 4 amazing furry beings whom I adore more than anything in the world!  I live in a small rural town in Eastern Europe, where my love of my dogs is not appreciated and I think is considered quite strange!  But that don't phase me one bit!  Three of my dogs I rescued from the street as puppies, one of which is a german shepard who was in awful condition he had lice, fleas mange and arthritis and was skin and bones.  How I found him was a very strange story - I was visiting the grave of my previous dog whom my neighbour shot! In a totally quiet abandoned area not close to anything or anyone and what do I see coming along towards me in the grass?? Actually I wasn't sure what it was, I asked my husband " What is that a Puppy?"  and it was!  But it had been raining for days and he was in such bad shape he's flesh was even falling off in chunks and he smelt sooo bad.  I immediately knew that I was meant to take this little bundle of love home and heal and care for him.  The grave of my deceased dog had been dug up numerous times by the wolves so this little guy was really lucky to still be around.  Anyway, the vet gave him a look and said he was probably not gonna make it and why did I want this ugly sick starved thing anyway, I was livid!  but he made it and it's 3 years later and he is the most beautiful animal. I am so inspired by him and his loyalty all the time.

natalieiv natalieiv
Feb 26, 2009