I wish I didn't - that would mean that ppl are similar to animals and deserve love much as they do but...animals are so much better.

Their love is truly for life and I don't know a single human I can apply that to.

So, there it goes: I love my dog more than anyone else cause she deserves it!

Z... baby, u r the best thing that ever happened to me and there won't be one single day in ur life, I won't be doing all I can for u to never doubt it and enjoy the time we have together. :)
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My life would be empty without my dogs in it....I need them as much as they need me!

...I think we need them a wee bit more... sanity wise, that is. ;)

Dogs love unconditionally. It would be nice if humans did too.

It would be nice if we had 50% of the love they so naturally give away to anyone up for taking...

Yes, I know.