I Hate My Dog

 I hate my dog.  

Actually, that is a lie because I do not have a dog.  My wife has a dog.  However, according to her, it is " our " family dog.    

Admittedly, he really is a nice little dog.  I have this warped love-hate relationship with my wife's dog. I hate my dog because he sleeps on the bed and cuddles up close.  I never know whether it is his warm body or my wife letting me get close to her for once.  It really feels stupid to wake up with that pleasant conjugal feeling of closeness only to realize that it is just " our " dog behind my knees.     

Gee, come to think of it.  Maybe this little dog has been saving me from going completely insane all of these years!   

AnarChristian AnarChristian
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" I've tried to explain to him that using the treats not only spoils him, but conditions the dog to wait until HE opens the door. " <br />
I can relate. My wife never was consistent with the training of any of our family pets. <br />
<br />
I put a LOT of effort into training each dog that my wife brought home over the years only to have her undo it all with her conflicting pattern of rewards, commands and triggers. It was confusing to the dogs and frustrating to me. Oh, well.

There are things that I've noticed since I have become emotionally detached from my H. He is very affectionate with the dog, but he has never walked him, never bathed him, never groomed him. I do all that because he just won't. This dog is 9 years old and he still gets a treat from my H every time he does his business outside. However, my H will get upset and yell at the dog if he won't go outside when anyone else opens the door for him. I've tried to explain to him that using the treats not only spoils him, but conditions the dog to wait until HE opens the door. The other eye opener happened when the dog was sick-his immediate solution was to have the dog put down. I took him to the vet and paid for the medicine.<br />
What I'm saying is that I now believe that my H is incapable of loving someone or something. He loves as long as it serves his purpose. As soon as it causes any trouble or problem-poof-the love is gone.<br />
Observe your wife's interaction with your dog, you may be surprised at what you discover about her.

You know, I am starting to suspect that the relationship our spouses have with animals may have represented a red-flag that can be used to forewarn the younger generations. I hate generalizing but if a person has an obsession with pets, it may represent an inability to share love with a more responsive being. Pets are basically at the mercy of their masters too.

That is so sad, AC. I know how it feels. When I was still sleeping in the marital bed with my husband and the dog, my H would sometimes stroke my leg and when he would realize that it was not the dog, he would jerk his hand away as if it had been burned. Now he sleeps in the big bed with the dog and I have my own bed in my own room. The dog is not allowed in my room.