My Weiner Dog Is Better Than Yours

My dog is so much better than most people. He is always reliable and there for me unlike people. He misses me when I'm gone and is more excited and happy to see me than anyone else. He cuddles with me and licks my tears when I cry. Plus he's really cute. And it is kind of nice to take care of a real being even if he is a dog. It brings some level of fulfillment to my life, even if small. Plus he barks at people trying to come into my house, trying to walk in front of the house, the street, near him, or when we're in the car - he doesn't discriminate. He's also got floppy ears, who doesn't like those? And if I trusted him around other dogs and was able to enter him in a race, he would probably win since he is fast. He's also great at ripping garden hose's in half with his teeth, breaking sprinkler heads, biting boots, and digging under fence's. He loves to sniff and dig. But he's sleek like a seal with his black fur, so the dirt doesn't show. Plus he never lets things get him down (except when he's sick or he thinks he's sick - he has a phobia of being sick), is really active and energetic, which helps me be more so. Plus he's such a picky eater that he's always self-regulated his food, so he'll never be fat. But the best thing about him is his personality and facial expressions. Yes, dogs can have facial expressions, he has many. He lets me know when he's sick, when he needs anything, when he's hungry or has to go outside, when he knows he's in trouble, when he wants to play, when he wants a treat or cheese, when he's scared and of course, when he wants to be petted. Plus now that he trusts I'm not going to kill him, he lets me put his flea medicine on him without kicking or biting me. He's a loyal adoring fan of me which helps me live life better than I would without him.

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excuse me but hogwash. I know greyhounds are the second fastest landanimal on earth only superseeded by the cheetha. I have had sighthounds since 1986. i know for a fact that some think their dogs are fast but when they see a greyhound run at top speed they suddenly realize that their dog is as slow as can be that does not mean that their dogs are less as companions or family members but it rubs me the wrong way when they claim that their dogs are fast when I know they are not.. I am not trying to hurt you in any way I am merely stating a fact. One of my greyhounds won the derby ten lenghts in front of his oponents. There is no exageration just the mere fact of his incredibel speed and power. I like dachies in the sense I grew up with them. their loyalty is legendary. Hope this clears things up for you.

OKay I hope your satisfied?

He is not fast at all. I am sure you love him. I am very familiar with the breed my sister used to be a quality breeder of dachies. I am the extremely fortunate owner of extremely fast hounds namely two ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet now they are fast one of them is a racing champion derbywinner, winner of breeders cup runner up for title as best racing greyhound in the year 2007. When he sprints he takes away your breath with his tremendous speed and power. My other greyhound had 82 races behind him before he was allowed to retire. Needless to say they are the love of my life. I lost one of my very precious lads almost three weeks ago and eventhough he was a slow greyhound he still ran a hare to ground in a split second. They are the fastest I have ever had the pleasure and priveledge of owning. So your weiener is not fast but your good companion. thanks for sharing. and the lads.

There is a difference between fast and faster. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world, right? Does that mean that all other dogs are slow, no, they are slower. My dog is fast and your dogs are faster. Thanks for sharing.

I love my weiner dog too. She is beautiful, funny, smart, loveable, protective and the best bed partner, sleeping buddy anyone could want.

Dogs are the innocents, like children, oh the responsibilities we adults have. Take care of the innocense of those who depend on you. It is the golden rule in my book, through which much evil is born when defied.

I'm not an adult but I am the pack leader to my dog and he is the most important thing in the world to me. I don't trust anyone else to watch him while we are on vacation unless they walk him at least twice a day, unlike my 4 times plus we wrestle, play fetch, and he plays with the dog next door. I love my dog and all though, he is not a weiner, he is an amazing pet/best friend 4 life

I love my wiener too.

too sweet! I'm on the same page! LOve my girls!