To Be Used For Her Pleasure

Her orgsam is the pinnacle of our sex together, and our foreplay is whatever turns her on to get to that place. If that was all she wanted I wouldn't have release except to steal it, but I guess I'm lucky that she likes to see me squirt. She vibrates me and I do it in her hand. I never enter her. if she did want to have intercourse she would probably find someone else to do it with, not because I'm bad at it. I used to be quite good with my penis. But for her -- and me -- denying me is just too exciting.

My wife has an aggressive streak. She likes to add pain (mine) to our lovemaking, and express her power and domination that way. It's always with love. I don't enjoy the pain but I become so submerged into her pleasure that I find myself happy to feel the sting, happy to see her glee at the pain reflected in my face. She wants me to be willing and to thank her so I am and I do.

When she has her crisis she squeezes her hand wrapped around my balls. We cry out together. And it is amazing how the two opposite sensations merge into one explosion of energy. When she is done she falls back complete and empty. I fall back with her and lie still, although I am filled as though she has poured her energy into me. My penis is throbbing yet I do not move a muscle, not the slightest twitch, even though she holds it and pets it like a good little puppy. I have trained myself to control and separate from what strains between my legs, I feel complete and filled with joy. She has ***. She is beautiful and we have done it together.

Part of her pleasure is to turn me into a boy, and that's how I feel when we come together for sex. Humiliating me in that way creates a very powerful bond between us. There is more about that I may share later.

Yes I know I'm lucky, and so is she that we found each other and were willing to explore.
Leanard Leanard
61-65, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I love this story, and am a little jealous that you have what I am hoping for. I encourage my wife to squeeze my balls, which she quite often does, especially when I go down on her, which is fairly rare.