A Paramedic's Life

No two days may be counted on
For things to be the same
The routine jobs completed
Then comes the waiting game
The mind is set on ready
Whether sleeping or awake
Time's the constant enemy
The difference it can make
Some days it crawls so slowly
But still alert you stay
Then someone's time is running out
As seconds charge away
Adrenaline is pumping
Your race against time starts
Your intellect's in action
with controlled, chaotic parts
Precision, skill and timing
You use them all, but yet
Each call could be the one from hell
Your heart won't soon forget
Your shift then ends, and finally
You're able to relax
Time relents it's power
And soon you're back on track
You will return another day
No two will be alike
For God still writes each ending
In a paramedic's life
bethanynichole bethanynichole
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Are you still a EMS what would you do if you got to the scene of what ever you where called To and found the patient scared and curled up ?