I absolutely adore my engagement ring. It's not your traditional engagement ring with a big quartz stone or the like. Instead, it has a white gold heart with a cubic zirchonia (spelling?) in it. It's not big or tacky because if it was, I wouldn't wear it and I haven't taken it off since. The way he proposed was rather sweet. We were eighteen and I was sitting on the bed. My bf told me to lie own and close my eyes. He was really nervous and I had a feeling he was going to propose and bless him, if he didn't seem scared. He threw a blanket over the top of my head and put the ring box in my hand. He told me to feel the velvet and try and guess what it was. I guessed immediately and as I shot up and threw the blanket off my head, I yelled out that yes, I would marry him.

How did your fella propose to any of you?

Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Hehe. Thanks bf. I'm sure when your fella comes along, he'll knock your socks off with his proposal

What a sweet proposal. My fella doesnt exist yet lol but when he does he damn well better do something as cute as