A Toast To The Members Of My Circle. I'm Very Happy We've Connected.

I started visiting this site regularly again after several months' absence. For a while I didn't have an internet connection any more.  Those days, it didn't seem to matter how loud or in which direction I shouted my thoughts in.  They never wound up here.  So, after some withdrawl and denial, I got used to not having that outlet.

Then I got an internet connection, but didn't hurry back.  I was used to not visiting E.P., and was rather content wrestling with my concerns on my own.  Plus, I hated my job, and all I ever did when I wrote anything was ***** about that.  And no one wants to listen to that all the time.

After returning regularly I did what so many people do, which was add a lot of categories to my profile.  It was already top-heavy with groups and stories, and I recently made up my mind to do a little housekeeping here:  See if some of the things I believed when I first joined the site in '09 were still relevant today. 

Guess what?  I've been able to scale back twenty of thirty old categories, even as I added one-hundred of so more.

One of the groups I joined early on here -- and which I recently let go of -- was "I didn't join this site to meet someone special."  First of all, the statement was true.  I love to write, and this turned out to be a great place to post my stories.  Second of all, I didn't have faith in finding someone to love on-line.  I've had a few, errr, on-going . . . affairs (but only one at a time) with women over the phone.  There, at least, I can hear her voice, the cadence of their speech, their thoughts and ideas, and, in a few cases, their passion.  I met a few, and had relationships with a couple.  They didn't last long, though.  And I heard the same happened with other friends, relationships that didn't last when they met their telephone romance.  The expectations just couldn't be met.  If that was the case would a  relationship started over the internet, where people have even less an idea what someone else is like, stand a chance?

Now, call me a skeptic if you like.  To answer my own mush-brained question, OF COURSE there are people who meet on-line, through telephone lines, and, in the old days, even via snail-mail, who have fallen in love, got together, and the rest, as the ol' cliche goes, is history.  I applaud them, one and all.  I've also seen, mostly on this web-site, how so many hearts are broken.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  (That's another category I belong to.  Seems I won't be giving up membership in that one)  Know why I gave up the category about not coming on here to meet someone special?  Because I've met special people here.  I don't mean romantically.  I mean that the people in my circle, many of whom I don't speak to every day or week, are people I've found friendly, trustworthy, and fun to talk to.  We live miles and miles apart, and I know the likelihood of meeting them is not very good.  That doesn't matter, though.  They've become my friends and family.  They give me advice and solace when I need it.  And I am there for them when they need an ear.  It's also nice to receive their feedback on stories we leave here.  That always leave me with a smile.

We all need people we can trust, who we know we can count on even if we don't talk all the time.  I'm glad to say I've met several here.  It's been great.
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Sep 11, 2012