The Best Ep Family Ever!!!!

Mom: Pinkswomans
Brothers and uncles: lifesanadventure, Kevinj1988, Keithstone, Silentadoration,
Preston's grampa: Pa1nsMcmurdo
Me: Preston's mommy

To a very special uncle:

Love you all!!
Steviesmygirl Steviesmygirl
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

i couldnt reply to your comment but your welcome kev and thank you!!!!
he loves you too

Awww Jeeez. I feel terrible. I've not been about lately

I absolutely love you loads for this. You are sooo special. :-*

Awww thanks daddy!!
Don't feel terrible!
Your an awesome dad!!

And you're an awsome daughter and fantastic mother. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

That made me tear up!!
Thanks daddy
Your also a fantabulous grampa!!

Awww. *Hugs*

*hugs you back super tight*

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