MY Ep Family

I love what I have found in EP, my own family,. I have found the crazy mom that tells you all the rite things and is usually rite, (IDM) the stepmother thats so cool but oh so wrong of you to like her but you do (Lady) The sane friend that smiles, laughs, loves her family and still remains a cool/nerdy kids  mom (Tekk), then there's the friend that is nice, a lil rough around the edges knows life, lived a hard, life and still became one of the sincerest, loyal, funny as heck rock star that she is (Marji) Then there's the one guy that started it all in a story he changed my life so much with his (HEWHO) words it made me want to change to get better, I learned so much about myself through him it is unbelievable. I just wanted to say. Thanks


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Tekka are you really sane when an insane person thinks you are sane LOL thats a joke you know I love you girl. U are so freaking smart I read your stories all the time. I love you guys so much. I love to read your stories, lady, IDM, the list goes on. Learn so much from all of you =)

Awww...I wub you! *_* <br />
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You are such a good friend! ^_^ And you're the first person who called me sane, hee hee hee!<br />
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Thank you for our friendship as I truly cherish it!

I don't know what it is I said, but I'm so very touched and humbled that it helped. I feel like George Baily and I mean that so sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Cause you are like that cookie you know you are not suppose to have so good yet so bad...U always give it to me straight LOL

Nasty ****? Thanks for the compliment, I love you too dear! LOL

IDM you always have to act like the nasty **** that you are good for you. LOL U know you learned it all from me. LOL Marji, I only speak the truth thats why my mouth always gets me in trouble @ home with my hubby....

*blushes*<br />
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I don't know, that sounds a little incestuous. First you call me your mom, then your sister, now you're telling me that you had a crush on me.....LMFAO!!!

U know I love you and you and I are like sisters, I can tell you anything. U are my first EP crush LOL

Hey's been a pleasure watching you grow. Keep doing what your doing...I loves ya!