I Still Love My Ep Friends!! <3

I LOVE YOU ALL.....I have been away for six months...working full time and switching from job to job....I am unemployed right now but I am focusing on other things that are priorities to me...like learning how to drive and getting my liscense, and figuring out what college i want to go to. I miss all of you, there are friends that i have bonded with on here for the longest time since i became a member. Quadrophenic and glance (aka Tiamichelle) ! I love and miss you both so much!! You have been there for me through countless emails and story replys. I miss your work Tia I know I have not had the chance to read too many of your stories but I have been inspired  and really look forward to any new piece of literature that you put up in the future. Quadrophenic, you are an awesome, intellegent, kind, compassionate human being! You were there for me and no matter what you always made time to reply to my messages no matter how trivial they may or may not have been. Stay as cool as you are!

To all the others, I cannot promise that I will get through to all of you on a daily basis but I will try my hardest to cheer you up or give you my best advice whenever you need it! I have learned alot from all of you. Thankyou for being kind, considerate, compassionate, funny and strong for me when I was weak. You are all precious in your own ways! I wish you all the best always. <3

<3 Angelofthenight
angelofthenight angelofthenight
22-25, F
Jul 14, 2010